Green Minneapolis, a trailblazer in urban climate resiliency, is excited to announce its new name – Green Cities Accord – which was chosen to reflect the organization’s heightened focus on enhancing the lives of people by protecting and growing the urban tree canopy.

“Green Cities” signals the organization’s expansion across the Twin Cities, Minnesota and beyond, and the word “Accord” highlights its expertise fostering collaboration among public, private and non-profit stakeholders to collectively address the challenges of climate change on urban residents.

As part of the rebranding initiative, Green Cities Accord will be introducing a fresh visual identity and website that embodies the organization’s mission of urban climate resiliency through urban tree canopy protection and expansion.

Metro Area

The Twin Cities Climate Resiliency Initiative is a public/private partnership focused on significantly expanding the urban tree canopy across the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Metro Area

The Carbon Cffset Program provides an opportunity for companies or individuals to offset their unavoidable carbon footprint by purchasing offsets from Green Cities Accord.

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