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Green Minneapolis is transforming our city from gray to green – and this is just the beginning.

Green Minneapolis envisions a green future for our city with trees on every street and active public spaces. We are enriching quality of life, creating a healthier environment and connecting people through place.

The powerful link between local governments and private funders, Green Minneapolis is an advocate for a vibrant city that will enable Minneapolis to grow and thrive.

We are also your voice to get involved in making Minneapolis greener and greater.

The revitalized Peavey Plaza has opened, complete with beautiful flowing fountains and a vibrant tree canopy. First as fundraising partner and now as the plaza operator, Green Minneapolis is bringing the new Peavey to life.

Greening Lab is a partner-initiative to grow the downtown forest by providing supplemental watering for young street trees, tracking tree conditions and maintenance and introducing new planting techniques.

Green Minneapolis launched The Commons, your downtown oasis. In the park’s opening years, we set a high standard of care for the new park and made it a destination with free activities, from games and reading carts to concerts and movies.

Green Minneapolis is a key partner in transforming a primary gateway to our city into a green, pedestrian-friendly corridor.

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