Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Green Minneapolis?

A: Green Minneapolis is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 multi-project conservancy established to advance the vitality of downtown Minneapolis through parks, greening and program activation. Green Minneapolis engages in strategic public, private and philanthropic partnerships to advance the common goal of creating a vibrant public realm.

Q: Why was Green Minneapolis created?

A: Green Minneapolis was established in order to partner with both public and private stakeholders to facilitate the greening of downtown Minneapolis. Developing new parks and green spaces in densely developed urban areas like downtown Minneapolis presents many challenges and typically requires significant funding. Many cities partner with non-profit conservancies to help develop greening strategies, fund raise and operate and program urban parks and public places. The conservancy was envisioned in the Intersections Downtown 2025 plan by the Downtown Council.

Q: What is a conservancy?

A: Conservancies are non-profit park benefit organizations that work in partnership with government entities to bring private resources to public, community assets. Approximately half of major U.S. cities now have at least one conservancy.

Q: What role does Green Minneapolis play with The Commons?

A: Green Minneapolis is currently fundraising $22 million for the design, construction and initial operations of The Commons. The City of Minneapolis has also contracted with Green Minneapolis to operate, manage and program the park.

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Q: Will Green Minneapolis keep raising funds for The Commons after it is built?

A: In its role in The Commons Campaign, Green Minneapolis will continue to fundraise for The Commons until the $22 million capital investment goal has been achieved.

In its role as operator of The Commons, Green Minneapolis has an ongoing responsibility to fundraise for the park’s annual operating budget, which will enable maintenance and programming at a higher level than could be funded by the City of Minneapolis alone.

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Q: What sources fund the construction and ongoing operations of The Commons?

A: Both public and private contributions funded the design, construction and initial operations of The Commons.

The Commons’ annual operating budget will also be funded with a combination of public and private contributions that may include: The City of Minneapolis, revenue from program sponsorships, concession revenue (restaurants, food, event venue fees), and philanthropic support.

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Q: Is Green Minneapolis a subsidiary of the Downtown Council?

A: No, it is not a subsidiary of the Downtown Council. Green Minneapolis is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation with an independent board of directors.

Q: How is Green Minneapolis funded?

A: Green Minneapolis is funded through a mix of fundraising and fee-for-service revenue.